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AASP, originally "Attleboro Area Service Provider", was founded in 1995. On January 1st of 2004 it was re-formed as Atlantic Area Service Provider, with service now available nationwide.

AASP seeks to provide superior quality of service while maintaining competitive rates. We do this by finding new and innovative ways to operate in all areas of the business. We try to maintain the feel of a local service provider while still seeking out efficiencies that will add value to the company and our customers.

AASP aims to be the premier Internet Service Provider for the Atlantic region, providing all aspects of Internet service, including Internet access, email / webmail, website design, and consulting. We are investigating new technologies such as wireless access and a new web-based email & calendar application to improve service for our customers.

We have maintained financial stability through operational excellence while keeping our eyes open to future technology. You can be sure that AASP will be around for a long time to come, providing local services in global technologies, and will always remain on the front of the curve.